The Fog of GWAR

3 Stars

by W.M. Mersh

The documentary is back in full swing, as any of the 11 people who watch them can tell you. Look no further than recent successes like Spellbound, Winged Migration, Capturing the Freedmans, and Growin' a Beard to guarantee we don't need the likes of Michael Moore stinking up truly objective and stunningly dull fare. That is, except for The Fog of GWAR. Director Patrick Squire documents GWAR throughout history, from their arrival to Earth, being frozen in ice (and subsequently rescued by Sleazy P. Martini) and becoming the greatest rock band in recorded time. And do they rock. Squire brings us right into the action of their shows, and fearlessly allows himself to be blasted with the Biledriver. But the key to any true GWAR documentary is being able to speak to the band themselves, and here's where this doc truly shines. Asking probing questions like "What does a GWAR eat?" and "Where does a GWAR go on vacation?," Squire truly earns the kick to the balls he deserves in the closing moments. In the midst of all his inane chatter, GWAR documents their longstading relationship with the Kennedy and Johnson administration, and explains once and for all just how close we were to going nuclear. Wow.