Mona Lisa Smile
by RaspberryPoptart (contributing writer)

Quoting original "Secretary" review (YAD issue 198, January 2004):
>Secretary - I can't remember if i reviewed this last year or not.
>anyway, i'll put it this way for you: it's a more fucked up story
>about true love than Punch-Drunk Love. Maggie Gyllenhaal needs to
>stay away from things like Mona Lisa Smile (yes, i just checked imdb,
>and i came out in 2002, but i don't think i saw it until 2003)

yeah, i understand that Mona Lisa SMile seems (from the commercials) to
be this completely typical,

put-julia-roberts-name-on-the-cover-so-we-make-millions, run of hte
mill chick flick for all ages; not not entirely. With an additional
(NOT supporting) cast of Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenahal, Kirsten Dunst
(who tries her best to steal the fire from Roberts) and newcomer
Ginnifer Goodwin (who ROCKS), Julia Roberts is firmly placed in an
ensemble role. atypical for her, but she does it very well.

If you like watching strong female actors play parts nearly tailored
for them, go see it. if you like movies about the fifties (like
Pleasantville), go see it. If you like to HATE kirsten Dunst, Go see
it. and If you'd like to see Tori Amos play a Singer for a Big Band,
Definitely go see it :)

Its way cute.