Retro Review:


DVD available from Walt Disney

In a Nutshell: The Dude and The Guy from Babylon 5 take on Evil from Time Bandits and Moses himself to Liberate the Holy Land for Computer Programmers everywhere.

When was it made: 1982. your reviewer was three. our youngest reviewer was negative seventeen.

Computers huh? Does that include computer effects? Yep. If you remember Marble Madness, then that should clue you in to the quality of effects.

Is that what the Tron game is all about? Yep.

What's the Dude doing in it? He plays Kevin Flynn, a programmer who loses his games to Evil and opens an arcade. When Captain Sheridan offers him the chance to get them back, he agrees to sabotage the Master Control Program (aka Moses) with the help of TRON, a super program.

And then? Flynn gets sucked into the computer world by a matter reducing laser. He interacts with programs to fight MCP from the inside.

Does he blaze? No. We can assume that Flynn became Jeff Lebowski somewhere between 1982 and 1990. Mostly he just plays Space Paranoids.

Is that the light cycle thing? No, it's a tank based game where you shoot trapezoids on top of roman columns. but this is the movie with the light cycles.

I'm in a retro mood. Should I watch Tron? Absolutely. Also look out for Grandpa from The Lost Boys, and Billy the Kid from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Boss stuff.