A Series of Poems Related to Hurricanes

Is that a monkey
tap-dancing in a garbage can?
No. It is the rain.

Though once a trailer I owned
All that’s left is the yard’s garden gnome.
Though my house was put down
In the neighboring town
It is now an immobile home.

I have weathered many storms
In this forsaken state
And I will stay to see this through
Though death might be my fate.

For truth be told, t’would be the best
After the storm passed by,
If the world decreased its surplus
Of inbreds such as I.

Florida collects our nations runoff,
the scum of our species,
worst of all are the Evil Mouse
and the blue-haired retirees.

This soggy hell that we call home
Is hospitable to none
Save mosquitoes and those who want
To steal an election.

So bring the winds, and bring the rains,
That for once we may be cherished!
Progress of humanity
Is slowed unless we perish.